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Thursday — This is the day of planet Jupiter that signifies joy, excitement, elegance, charm, and productivity. Your lucky gemstone is Aquamarine which symbolizes good communication, intuition, and spiritual clarity. This bright, and potentially uncomfortable, lunation will be blaring its lights on how you relate to others in general. Depending on your situation, it may be time to let go of a partnership that is no longer working or perhaps look for ways to improve and strengthen your bond.

Service providers may also want to consider upgrading their client program to make it even more supportive for both sides.

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The truth is that the world is filled with people with problems that you are uniquely positioned to solve, and the New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is the ideal time to start looking for smarter solutions to bridge the gap between what you have on tap that many others seem to need. On the 8th, prosperity planet Jupiter jets into your 12th house of Mystical Pursuits, kicking off a deeply meaningful year for reconnecting to the magic of your soul.

Best of all, the New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is just the beginning of a new 6-month cycle leading you ever closer towards your true calling! This is the beginning of an amazing year to expand your reach and find ways to connect to and serve your community in a way that feels especially fulfilling. While this can mean tripling your e-mail list or social media following, you could also forge closer friendships with like-minded souls to grow your own personal tribe simply by attracting them with your cool Aquarian vibe.

You may also give some thought on how to improve your work as you get to ruminating on how, next time, you can make it even better. Where does your heart feel led to wander next? Perhaps you may even feel called to bring back the interesting subjects you have already learned in order to teach and inspire others by writing a book or creating a course of your own. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is your call to set your intentions into motion by grounding your ideas with a more solid plan for action.

There are SO many major planetary shifts and changes coming in this month that are starting to usher us into , giving us a sneak peek at what is to come as we are flooded with a fresh burst of new energy that will be undeniably palpable. Thanksgiving in the United States. We also discuss what it really means to be a lightworker, how to balance the spiritual with the practical side of working towards your bigger life mission, and how to work through emotional blocks that come up along the way.

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Order your custom astrological birth chart here Become a patron of the podcast and receive extra bonus features by going to www. Leave a review on the Apple Podcasts app and e-mail a screenshot to info soulshineastrology. This is a time to look at the energetics of your life — where are things off? Where can you add more lightness, beauty, and peace? However, before that, we have the very rare Venus Retrograde coming into play beginning on October 5th. This retrograde only occurs once every 18 months, and when it does, we are meant to take time to revisit our values — including money, love, beauty — which are all things that the planet Venus governs.

A Full Moon in Taurus will help us begin to close out the month on October 24th and it will present a major check-in for us to see if all of our hard work over the past 6 months has been leading us in the right direction. Kim was part of the celebrity cast on Dancing With the Stars.

Much of her wealth came from her role as Tootie on Facts of Life and good financial management over the years. Marlo Hampton is a stylist who once styled NeNe Leakes. Already established in radio and television, Jordan joined the RHOA main cast for season 7 but was reduced to "guest" status for Season 8.

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Television personality, actress, and former stripper; she has a recurring role as Coach Roz on Glee. If relationship roles have become too restrictive, give yourself permission to outgrow them. Feeling insecure? Look for strength in softness and find victory in vulnerability. Celebrate what you bring to the table, while appreciating what others have to contribute. But you may be surprised to find that not all your loved ones are on board with your new direction. Welcome to your spiritual awakening, Scorpio! Oppressive rules and dogma that once held you back are falling by the wayside, while other traditional beliefs and practices are being infused with fresh new meaning and relevance for you.

Others may find it meaningful, too. Are you ready, willing, and able to give it? Prioritize wellness this month by incorporating a few new mind, body, and spirit practices into your daily routine. The healing effects may ripple out to everyone around you. If you are an Aries born on this day, your birthday personality shows that you do not cheat on your partner nor do you flirt around with others either while in a relationship. Anyone would be so lucky as to have you in his or her life.

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Usually, you would not just accept a situation rather you discuss it and fix it. Aries, this is how we grow. Aries birthday horoscope for March 21 predicts that you make sacrifices for other people… it is a part of your character to help others out of suffering. You are so sweet with the tissue box awaiting the next teardrop.

Those born on March 21 are sensitive and empathetic people. Your friends have a way of completing you. Sometimes, though, you can be to honest with your friends. On the negative side of Aries, 21 March birthday astrology analysis , warns how you can be self-centered! Oh my goodness, Aries, you can be headstrong and argumentative as well. This is very frustrating to others.

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You have a short fuse and will lash out at times when you probably should have said nothing. It could be the reason you are psychologically drained from time to time.

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What your birthday says about you is that with your mindset in the right place, Aries, you can be a positive influence on the younger generation. Mentoring can be easy for you as you will make an excellent teacher. This can make you an irreplaceable Aries, and it is gives the young people a source of information where they can receive valuable advice. You can relate to most current issues pertaining to teenagers as it seems to change every day.

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  • Try The Quiz Now!! Aries zodiac birthdays on March 21st tend to focus on the bigger picture and you can end up being very happy throughout life. You can excel at anything you do when it comes to your profession. However, money is not necessarily the reason you work so hard but it is a source that puts food on the table.