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I am expressing gratitude for your insight and determination to make sure all Libras subscribed can access your readings. I am on a journey of growth and with the message that you delivered I know what to be on the alert for this coming week and will rely on my intuition to guide my actions.

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I am going through a terribly trying and testing time in all spheres. I find no mental peace. I need an anchorage.

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I need fulfilment. I need understanding. I need to grow and not be destroyed.

Is there any possibility to find harmony and peace amudst this chaos right now? My date of birth is I have a problem now about my boyfriend he didnt see each other.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

My financial condition is poor. When it will change? Change of job when? In the process of selling my beloved house because my ahole of a soon to be ex husband Sagittarius left me last year. I can no longer hold onto the house financially, so I must sell it. It bothers me because he always wanted a house — so did I. But now he looks at the house like its too much work, although he no longer lives there with me. I do all the work in and around the house now and I love it.

I will miss it terribly. Been depressed, gained weight and feel like crap. I really need a break — and soon. Linda24…Good things are on the horizon for you. I found this so helpful. I got engaged last night, so the romance aspect is definately true, but also there could be potential explosive interactions in my house-share so the reminder that I can deal with situations in a calm and tactful way is wonderful. The horoscope was somewhat very correct, I stopped 2 people from creating a seen over parking spots.

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  4. Big adventure or cashmere throw and bunny slippers? Tough call, Libra! Since Jupiter is trekking through this zone for most of , there will be plenty of time—and ample opportunities—to do it all!

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    The Internet is your best friend for finding apartment swaps with people in bucket-list destinations—or maybe, with all your far-flung friends, you could arrange that through your very own social network. Jupiter in your home zone always inspires you to make significant changes around Chateau Libra, perhaps turning an unused room or hallway into a studio or yoga space or even to Airbnb it for extra cash.

    Once you get over any awkwardness, you can clear the air for once and for all! Watch how you communicate your innermost feelings this weekend, though, Libra. On Sunday, the direct Sun is sailing through straight-shooting Sagittarius and your expressive third house. Go easy on yourself, and plan healing activities that recharge your energy.

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    Thursday could help you think differently about emotional labor and intimacy. Seek authenticity, not perfection. Focus on work this weekend by getting a head start on time management, responsibilities, and personal growth.

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    Call your girls, Cancer! Finally, plan a short trip and get away this weekend. Work it, Leo! Showcase your confidence, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Optimism is practical, Virgo!

    Your week inspires you to live out of vision, not circumstances, which is the only way things begin to change. Thursday furthers this goal when it gives you a confidence boost to pursue your wildest dreams. Keep it authentic, Libra. This week, choose honesty over striving for perfection or people-pleasing, especially when it comes to dealing with family members on Thursday.

    You have helpful knowledge that can help them, so speak your truth.

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    Then help yourself on the weekend! Be proactive about overdue tasks and catching up on your goals. The weekend is full of joy and confidence—go out of your way to experience happiness and personal security with others who make you feel good. Concentrate, Sagittarius! Your big-picture thinking needs to be focused a bit more on the details.