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This is because of the rapid change of life style due to technology and attitude of people. The pre DR.

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Raman- astrologers use to predict about rains and about kings because they had correct horoscope. Raman generation of people used to predict political future, wars and certain natural calamity. There was not much predictions in the sports, stock markets etc. In MR. Rao generation, the volume of prediction and the number of prediction has increased multi fold due to Internet, printing speed and Lot of interest in the areas of sports, commodities, stock markets and currency markets. The number of sports events has reached around every year. This means more than one event in a day is happening in different aspect of sports.

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Stock markets updates are on hourly basis in television channel. In the same way any individual can get information commodity and currency markets. The number of articles, techniques available to people is almost ten times higher compared to DR. Raman generations. Speed by which a person can express and rate by which it can be copied is also higher. I also request the students of the mundane astrology to predict. This is the easier way to gain experience and insight.

Many astrologers play it safe in mundane astrology because failures mean that they will go down in the eyes of people.

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Some of them even glibly add astrological jargon to already happened events. This is a kind of hypocritical way that will never help in fine-tuning mundane astrology predictions. Another point of caution, When astrologer predict they use a different standards of techniques and when the write they use other variation in techniques.

Please do not get carried away by this fanciful writing, which are not meant for educated astrologers, but to impress others with their knowledge. The entire book is close to my thought process when I make my prediction. It will look thread bare and some times non-impressive but these techniques will work which is the real matter. In any case after my fathers death I am more interested in the meditation than in astrology. Before I hang up my boots in astrology, I need to share these techniques. This chapter will give you a brief and clear idea of the areas one need to concentrate in mundane astrology.

In future this can under go various revision. For example we can even come to the point of predicting the annual and quarterly results of the companies in the future. The various facets of mundane astrology are. Elections this means Indian parliament elections, the USA presidential elections, UK elections or any election in the states. Indian election is like the Wimbledon in mundane astrology. Wars- basically the world has become such a peaceful place that world wars will also become non-existent.

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War between countries will be common. I had predicted successfully the afghan war, the start of Iraq war I had done by September when many astrologer started seeing trend only in the dec or Jan , post Iraq war. Sports Indians, being cricket obsessed nation, there is constant clamoring for the matches.

Of course football, tennis, golf motor sports are also gaining lot of importance.

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New research needs to be done in theses areas. Stock marketsThis is also very successful area of mine. Please understand that I have done only for Indian markets for which the results can be extrapolated for the other index like that of day etc. Even some astrologers have attempted to predict on weekly and daily basis of the markets, which can be perfected in future.

These astrologers should be encouraged in doing mistakes because the best things in life are learnt by trail and error. I have given one or two prediction for gold and petrol that came out true. Natural calamities like floods; earthquakes etc. Air crashes, ship crashes can be added to this area. One can also use these techniques in reverse way.

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Some people predicted the tsunami after the eastern one and I had predicted there would be no more tsunamis. The yearly prediction for India is a very important area. Many successful predictions for many sectors can be done very easily without much effort. Of course an astrologer who has some knowledge on these subjects can easily beat research analyst and economy professors.

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There is a model, which is used by previous generation of astrologer. I use a model, which is comprehensive market oriented and making reading interesting and useful. This model is tough to follow, though possible for a person has who has some basic knowledge of economics and commerce. Cinema and celebrity profiles can be an area where astrology can be used.

This is a growing area of interest for many people. It is like chit chatting in parties and functions. People are always curious about celebrity life and this will be an area, which will grow leaps and bounds.

In India movie stars and cricket players are noted as next to god. In fact I really doubt Indian deities are given as much importance as these cine stars. Many astrologers have the knack of saying all negative things about India and the world. This is due to the lack of knowledge. Following is the subject idea needed for basic mundane astrology predictions- geography, history, economics, international politics, and geology is needed. A basic knowledge based on the plus two level of the Indian syllabus will be sufficient for this. Many astrologers make a failure of themselves without understanding these subjects.

So before venturing into mundane astrology side it is very important to have sound knowledge of these subjects along with the basic level knowledge of Indian astrology.


I have seen many astrologer say that India, as country will not do well. There will be increase in corruption, inflation and violence. These are predictable verses, talking like common man. This will only make the people shun away. For example India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.


Inflation is well checked. Corruption and violence has increase worldwide but only few states in India have that kind of reputation. Information technology wise, southern states of Tamilnadu Karnataka and Andhra lead the pack, whereas industrial output wise maharastha, Gujarat leads.

This kind of update information on these areas will help a lot, instead of going by heresay. Varahamihra was not only great astrologer but also a very knowledgeable man in many subjects. So was DR. Raman, who was a graduate.

If you see people who are very successful in mundane astrology, they are generally widely read and traveled. I use the Indian independence horoscope of august 15 midnight This is will fairly give you very accurate idea. I use Tajik of Indian independence chart of that particular year for better understanding. Many astrologer use jamini astrology, so many chakras suraya vithi, sanskaranthi chart.

Analysis of all these will only lead to paralysis rather than predicting an event. I have hardly relied on these charts. This may surprises many astrology gurus who use a variety of techniques to dazzle people but do not predict.