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Monkey Horoscope 2020

The calm, kind, low-key and restrained male Oxen pursue the steady life and don't like to be flamboyant. In love relationship, they warm up slowly and are not good at speaking sugared words or creating romantic surprises to delight their partners. However, they are very faithful and can bring the steadiest life to their loved ones.

With a tolerant attitude towards love, they listen to their wives and think their women are always right. Male Ox in Love.

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The active Monkey girls hate to be restrained by anyone or any relationship. If they have to give up freedom for love, they would rather be alone. Perhaps only if they meet the one for whom they are willing to give up freedom can they become attached. What they want is a shelter to count on and a happy family.

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Female Monkey in Love. Ox is the symbol of diligence in Chinese culture. People under the sign of the Ox are usually hard working, honest, creative, ambitious, cautious, patient and handle things steadily. On the negative side, Ox people might be stubborn, narrow-minded, indifferent, prejudiced, slow and not good at communication. Personality Traits for Male Ox. Monkey is cheerful and energetic by nature and usually represent flexibility. People under the sign of the Monkey are wise, intelligent, confident, charismatic, loyal, inventive and have leadership.

Capricorn - Monkey

The weaknesses of the Monkeys are being egotistical, arrogant, crafty, restless and snobbish. Personality Traits for Female Monkey. He has an agile and exacting mind.

He has a superlative talent for expression. He enjoys sinewy, lanky good looks with a bone structure that would make Greta Garbo weep with envy. They understand and are compassionate with all variety of personal joy and suffering. They are not simple, nor are they easy, laid back or bohemian. This subject would always prefer to be deeply in love forever than passionately in love for a split second. You will need all the resourcefulness you can gather for this romantic experiment. The emotional rewards are many. Ditto the sleepless nights.

Chinese horoscope Personality of Monkey

Home and Family Plenty of room to breathe and relax—not to mention perform— at home is what the Monkey born in Capricorn dreams of. This subject feels everyone ought to have his or her own space to be alone in. Houses will be large and furnished in excellent taste. This Capricorn is rather more manual than most, as Monkey lends him dexterity and grace. Even in his strict, almost uniform-type manner of dress, this person cleaves to traditional colors and easy to manage shapes.

Beiges and navy blues will predominate. This person will be a conscientious parent but is not likely to hatch multiple broods.

Chinese Astrology Compatibility Monkey and Rabbit

Even though they are willing to aid when necessary, their pride can often impede them from accepting the same kind of help from others. Following are features associated with the sign of the Dragon. Month-April Western Counterpart-Aries. The characteristics of the Dragon Sign are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original year cycle. Truthful but extreme, courageous but unyielding, Metal Dragons have a strength similar to the Dragon fire.

Metal Dragons succeed through determination. They are mighty and respect people who stand up to them. In troubled times, these Dragons make great allies, but become ferocious challengers. Metal Dragons can often calm others through their forceful personalities. They seek action, and things are never better than when they are defending a thought or belief about which they have complete faith. Metal Dragons like to lead, and have an effect that makes others want to follow them.

Yet even if they attract no support they will fight alone. Water allows the Dragon to re-direct its enthusiasm, and makes him more perceptive of others. These Dragons are better equipped to take a step back to re-evaluate a situation because they understand the art of patience and do not desire the spotlight like other Dragons. Therefore, they make smart decisions and are able to see eye-to-eye with other people. However, their actions can go wrong if they do not research or if they do not finish one project before starting another.

Wood has a modifying influence and brings creativity to this sign. Questioning and liberal, Wood Dragons enjoy talking about original ideas and are open to other points of view. They are innovative, imaginative practical and appreciate art in each of its forms. Generally less pretentious than other Dragons, Wood Dragons have an ability to get along with other people. They have the essentials to build a prosperous and happy life for themselves.

Still, Wood Dragons are outspoken and at times a bit pushy to quell everyone, even in the friendliest quarrel. The Fire Dragon is a powerful force to be reckoned with. This is a Dragon doubled! The Fire Dragon can move from calm and collected to combustible in a matter of seconds. In some ways the Fire Dragon is his or her own worst enemy. These Dragons cannot help feeling they are valuable and all-knowing. When they are right their vehemence and vigor is an asset to the cause, and though they value objectivity, they do not always employ the best decision-making measures, and sometimes jump to the wrong conclusion.

They also suffer from recklessness and quick tempers. Yet, when they do keep their temper, emotions, and rivaling spirit under control, they emanate a commanding influence on other people. Earth Dragons make great managers because they are practical, levelheaded and demonstrate a knack for organizing. They still have the need to dictate and be admired, but they are affable, congenial and supportive.

Compared to other Dragons, Earth Dragons are less likely to breathe fire at the least irritation. They will work diligently to complete their life goals. These Dragons take their life and romantic responsibilities quite seriously.